Khmer Traditional Fashion / Arts

This small workshop has 3 traditional looms that are used to make pieces of silk or cotton fabric. For any information or special order do not hesitate to contact us Online or by message HERE .

Once you see our Khmer traditional fashion products, you are sure to appreciate them. At Kambobiz, you’ll find Khmer art for sale that’s creative and out of the box. Every art work that you get here speaks a lot about the efforts put in by the craftsmen. From statues to antiques and paintings, our store is filled with amazing arts. You can use this art for your office as well as for your home. Be sure of genuineness; we don’t believe in offering you counterfeit pieces that get damaged too soon. We source our products from local artists and have thousands of designs. Discover the best of arts here & invest money wisely. Even the sculptures that you find here are extremely delicate and add finesse to your place.

Khmer Art silk is part of our fair trade action between Cambodian artisans and artists and the rest of the world, plus you have the guarantee of the origin of your purchases because we are there to control the provenance and quality

At the present time, no products with dropped prices.